Pedigreed Lawyers Abound on YouTube-Viacom Dispute

by lawshucks on June 24, 2010

A sexy suit came to a resolution today, when Google/YouTube got a “Decisive Win” in its defense against Viacom’s copyright-infringement allegations.

Eric Goldman, not surprisingly, has the best analysis of the merits of the claims, and is quoted in one of the AP articles.

After several years’ dispute, including some headline-grabbing allegations in the pleadings (e.g., that one part of Viacom was doing the uploading that another was sending takedown notices on).

Around here, we care about the lawyers.

After the jump, we give credit where it’s due (and their credentials would make Laurie Lin giddy… Marshall and Fulbright Scholars, Elect, a dozen HYS degrees, etc.)

YouTube’s lawyers are Wilson Sonsini partners David Kramer (Dartmouth BA, Georgetown JD), Maura Rees (Swarthmore BA ’93, Yale JD ’97, Fulbright), and Michael Rubin (Virginia BA, Michigan JD), and associate Bart Volkmer (Creighton BA ’97, Santa Clara JD ’02) and Mayer Brown’s Andrew Schapiro (Yale BA ’85, Oxford MA ’87 (Marshall), Harvard JD ’90), A. John P. Mancini (interesting use of initials) (Fairfield BA ’86, Georgetown JD ’89), Matthew Ingber (Penn BA ’95, GWU JD ’98), and Brian Willen (Yale BA ’98, JD ’01, but appears to no longer be with the firm).

On the losing side, Viacom was represented by Shearman & Sterling’s Stuart Baskin (Stanford BA ’72, JD ’75), John Gueli (SUNY Oswego BA ’86, Cornell JD ’91), and Kirsten Cunha (Northeastern BS ’92, BC JD ’96), and Paul Smith (Amherst BA ’76, Yale JD ’79), William Hohengarten (Reed BA ’84, Northwestern Ph.D. ’91, Yale JD ’94, Fulbright), Scott Wilkens (UNC BA ’93, LSE MSc ’95, Harvard JD ’02, Fulbright), Matthew Hellman (Swarthmore BA ’98, Harvard JD ’02), and Susan Kohlmann (Yale BA ’79, Columbia JD ’82) of Jenner & Block.

(These are the counsel whose names appeared on the respective parties’ key briefings: YouTube’s motion for summary judgment and Viacom’s motion for summary judgment)

We keep saying it: the order in which names appear on filings actually matters.  WSGR went straight alphabetical (although they did get a little lucky with the lone associate falling last alphabetically), while Mayer Brown and Shearman seem to have gone with seniority by year of law school graduation.  We can’t figure out how Jenner & Block came up with its ordering.

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