Ex-DPW Assoc. Hotness Confirmed in Vogue Profile

by lawshucks on October 25, 2010

Vogue pic

Kirsten Gillibrand is the subject of a very-flattering Vogue profile.

Of course, it has little to do with her days at Davis Polk, which has long had a reputation for hiring attractive associates, and more do with her current role as the junior senator from New York.

Not surprisingly, the article focuses on her treading Hillary Clinton’s footsteps.

After the jump, we hit the BigLaw highlights.

First, her background:

Tina Rutnik, as Gillibrand was known for most of her young life (her brother, who could not pronounce Kirsten, came up with the nickname Tina), went to Dartmouth and majored in Asian studies, joined a sorority, played tennis and squash, but did not get involved in student politics. She spent a semester abroad in Beijing and Taiwan and became fluent in Mandarin Chinese. Before attending the UCLA School of Law, she interned for then–Republican senator Alfonse D’Amato, a longtime friend of Gillibrand’s father, Douglas Rutnik, an attorney and lobbyist (her parents divorced when she was 22). She passed the bar in 1991 and went to work for the law firm of Davis Polk & Wardwell, where the seeds of her future life in electoral politics were planted: She joined the fledging Women’s Leadership Forum, a fund-raising organization; and then Hillary Clinton, as First Lady, came to New York and spoke to the group.

But that BigLaw experience hasn’t wiped her upstate, farmer roots from her memory:

Despite the fact that she is a Democrat (and a fairly progressive one, at that) and worked for fifteen years as a hotshot Manhattan lawyer, she seems utterly at ease among this crowd of mostly Republican farmers, with their rough hands and weathered faces. Indeed, when she arrived moments earlier—in a plain-Jane beige linen suit and flat shoes—she walked around the room and introduced herself to everyone, including the children, shaking hands and looking everyone directly in the eyes: “Thank you for coming out today.”

There’s plenty more interesting stuff, some of which just seemed weird to profile, like her mother’s gay friends, and losing baby weight and regaining the eye of her VC husband.

  • AntePasta

    I'll tell you one thing. I'd rather have her as my state's governor instead of Arnold "Governator" Schwarzenegger. At least if she tried to pass law as a transparent attempt to block Prop 19's marijuana legalization I would be less angry because at least I'd have something hot to look at: http://lawblog.legalmatch.com/2010/10/06/why-cali

  • Thisson

    She's in the pockets of the bankers, just like Shumer. Votes for all of the bailouts, TARP, TALF, stimulus, etc.

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