DLA Piper Sets a Cover Charge

by lawshucks on February 3, 2011

Taking a page straight out of the playbook of a Vegas nightclub, DLA Piper will be setting minimum-billing commitments for new clients.  LegalWeek reports

New clients will have to commit to a minimum annual legal spend with the firm, understood to be around €25,000 (£21,000) in the first year of instruction for clients of DLA Piper International where there is no potential conflict and €100,000 (£86,000) for those where there could be a conflict.

The firm’s US arm is thought likely to implement a minimum billing threshold of $200,000 (£126,000) for all new clients.

Just like the $50 cover lets those inside XS sneer at the riffraff outside, will DLA Piper be able to maneuver itself into a badge of honor for the lucky few clients deemed worthy of representation?

The move is actually designed to avoid the firm missing out on larger engagements due to previous work for smaller clients.  But isn’t that a pretty anti-customer move?  What do you think?

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