Quick Update

by lawshucks on April 19, 2012

Way behind on a bunch of stuff around here due to work.  Always looking for help, so please reach out if you want to volunteer.  Need content, curators for the trackers, etc.  Oh, and sponsors.  Surely, some smart company wants to reach our distinguished, successful, and astonishingly good-looking audience?  The race between spousal patience and the blog’s financial independence is heating up.

We love comments.  Commenters always give the best scoops and most-interesting follow up information (see the post before this, for example).  We put the recent comments widget back in the sidebar in the hopes that it will spur on further conversation.

Also, the Lateral Tracker is constantly being updated.  We’re over 3,000 entries now, and they’re almost all BigLaw.  There’s a bit of a backlog on entries and cleanup, but it’s all in the works.  Thinking about doing a Kickstarter to raise money for some development of some cool ideas we’d like to implement.

Sorry for the radio silence.  Real life has been kicking our asses.

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