Dewey Death Watch

by lawshucks on May 1, 2012

So it’s officially on.  We’ve been quiet about the whole Dewey imploding thing.  In part, it’s because of other commitments, but it’s also because until a couple of weeks ago, we really thought this was going to end up being more like White & Case’s troubles of 2009-2010, or Cadwalader’s 2008-09, than Howrey.

Those three firms pretty much covered the spectrum of likely outcomes:

Cadwalader saw an exodus (or cleaned house, depending on whom you believe), then really turned things around.

White & Case got picked over, by Latham in particular, but righted the ship.  Unlike Cadwalader, which appears to have come out stronger, W&C looks to have ended up in a similar place to where it started.

Howrey was obviously a disaster (and let’s not forget that firm’s crass, transparent attempts to pretend they were cutting weak partners, not being ditched by anyone who could find a decent place to land).

So, yeah… We thought D&L was big enough to plow through this.

Then we thought it was just the legacy LeBoeuf people leaving, which hinted that this was more of a failed merger than a failed firm.

Then the floodgates opened…

The Death Watch has begun.  Dewey & LeBoeuf is really looking like the next member of the BigLaw Dead Pool (AmLaw 100 firms that have failed).  What do you think?  Any chance this can be salvaged?

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