Inhouse Comp

This is a community-based resource for keeping tabs on “real” inhouse comp.  Our users are invited to share their own pay packages by completing the form below, contacting us, or leaving a comment.

All data are anonymous and we rely on the community to keep things honest.  Not sure if you’re looking at a good deal?  Ask in the comments!


  • When people provided a bonus range, we converted it to the percentage equal to the high end of the range – treat those as “$0 to $x.”  ”$0″ explicitly means no bonus.  Blank means no bonus information provided.
  • For department size, we’re counting by number of lawyers.  S=1-10, M=11-50, L=51+ (we had to guess at some of these, so correct us in the comments or email)
  • Many companies use “PTO” (Paid Time Off) instead of plain vacation, so we didn’t try to convert (PTO includes holidays, sick days, etc. and everything else is vacation)

We’re obviously still tinkering with this, so let us know how we can improve.  Hopefully adding the submission form will cause future entries to have fewer blanks.