The Laid Off Diary


Awwww shucks…it’s Law Shucks! The Laid Off Diary is now officially making its home on Law Shucks. Why? Como? Wei shenme?

Because Law Shucks has been out front of the data and analysis on law firm layoffs and putting together clean and easy to read charts so that we can absorb faster how many BigLaw casualties are out there. So we can know how many comrades were given the boot and unceremoniously kicked to the curb. So we have GRAPHS to prove why we BigLaw partners were morons in mismanaging their firms that they had to give the pink slip to so many associates.

The Laid Off Diary is going to bring some humanity back into the equation and a personal story about being one of those casualties of BigLaw.

Behind the numbers (10,000 and counting) are real people.  I’m one of them, and this is my (angry) story.

You can contact me at laidoffdiary (at) lawshucks (dot) com, or through the site’s Contact Page.