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This page includes the monthly and quarterly charts for historic periods that have rolled off of the main Law Firm Layoff Tracker. The current and prior months remain on the main page. We track law firm layoffs in the current economic crisis going back to January, 2008, when Cadwalader Wickersham & Taft was the first major New York firm to begin laying people off in anticipation of the collapse of the structured finance and real-estate practices.

We have also added links back to the commentary, where available, for those periods. The weekly writeups are in-depth analyses of the particular week’s events at law firms and cover more than just layoffs. As alternative cost-cutting measures have been undertaken by firms, the recaps have addressed those as well. Salary cuts and start-date deferrals are the two major alternatives law firms are using to layoffs.

The monthly writeups aggregate the weekly reports and provide a broader perspective on trends. They also tend to include fancier charts. Both of those pages update automatically as the posts go live on the main site.

The Layoff Tracker – Layoff Counts chart is also a useful tool for visualizing the trends.

Note that the scale of each chart reflects the peak layoffs for that month, so the biggest layoff in any particular month will always approach the top of that month’s chart. We only track layoffs from major law firms, so readers should be aware of the methodology we use for the tracker to understand our process.


January ’10


Weekly summaries for January

December 09


Monthly recap for December (The Year in Layoffs)

Weekly summaries for December

November 09


Monthly recap for November

Weekly summaries for November

October 2009


Monthly recap for October

Weekly summaries for October

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Monthly recap for September

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Monthly recap for August

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Monthly recap for July

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Monthly recap for May.

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Monthly recap for April.

Weekly summaries for April:

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Monthly recap for March.

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Monthly recap for February.

Weekly summaries for February:

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Monthly recap for January.

Weekly summaries for January:

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Law Shucks BigLaw Layoff Tracker – 1Q08 (Jan-Mar)

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