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“Law School” and “Year” refer to the school that granted the degree required to practice law – so it includes LLB and the like as well as things like legal practice certificates.  Basically, what you think of when you think of “regular old law school” for the particular jurisdiction.  A special note for LLMs.  For everyone with a JD, the LLM isn’t listed.  For non-Americans who got LLMs, the LLM is listed as the law degree.  It does not include higher legal degrees like JSDs.

“Undergrad” means the school that awarded the initial post-secondary, non JD (as defined above) degree.  That means we don’t cover people who have other degrees, regardless of whether it’s before or after what we call the JD.  So no MBAs, MDs, Ph. Ds, etc.  For jurisdictions where law is the initial post-secondary study, no undergrad is listed.

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