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The Most Common Types of Lawyers

There are several types of lawyers. Whether or not you are experiencing legal problems at the moment, it’s best to understand what these types are so if the need does come, you’ll know who to

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The Sad Case of Subverse and Tim Pool

YouTube content creator Tim Pool is currently fighting a battle—currently not yet a legal one—against Studio FOW over the use of the name “Subverse.” Tim Pool runs a video channel dealing with news, particularly political

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Top Ways Technology is Shaping the Legal Profession

In today’s fast-paced world, technological innovations occur practically every single minute in almost every industry — and the legal profession is no exception. From court hearings via ZOOM and other online communications app to electronic

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How Do Lawyers Help People in Day-to-Day Life?

Many might ponder, “How do lawyers help people in their daily lives?” Far from being just courtroom advocates, lawyers are pivotal in navigating the complexities of law that weave into the fabric of our day-to-day existence. Whether drafting contracts, advising on property purchases, or safeguarding individual rights, lawyers ensure that legal transactions proceed smoothly and by

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The Most Common Contract Disputes

Contract disputes are common in the business world. Professionals often provide insights into their experiences dealing with prevalent contract disputes over recent years. A common contract dispute is lease agreements. Video Source A quality and experienced lawyer can help get you to the outcome you want. One notable case involved representing a client developing facilities

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US Entrepreneurs in the UK: Understanding and Managing British Tax Obligations

Understanding tax residency and its implications is essential for US entrepreneurs operating in the UK. Familiarizing yourself with income tax, VAT, corporation tax, and capital gains tax can help navigate UK business taxes. Utilizing advanced tax tools such as online calculators and software can aid in compliance with the complex UK tax system. A solid tax planning and

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Family Law

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Does a History of Drug Use Impact Your Child Custody Case?

Child custody cases will usually put a child’s interests at the top of the priority list. The family court will always strive to ensure the child’s welfare, safety, and health come first after separation or divorce. The court will be keen to examine the events that led to your divorce and the child custody case.

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Protecting Your Family and Your Business

Family businesses can be a messy affair if you don’t plan out all your legal documents properly. There are numerous cases of people having long court arguments over inheritance or having mistresses and step-families demanding rights. In these cases, the only person that really wins is the lawyers and tax collectors. Fortunately, you can avoid

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What You Should Know Before Incorporating Your Company

As a business person who works with partners and investors, you already know that there are risks that involve you and even make you liable to certain legal sanctions. If you want to limit your personal liability and secure assets, you have the option to incorporate your company. Incorporating your company has many benefits. For

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Employee Rights

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Dealing with Digital Harassment in a Remote Work Environment

There are over 4.3 million remote workers in the USA, accounting for 3.2 percent of its workforce. And this figure is even much higher now, given the extended lockdowns throughout the country. The office-to-home shift brought on by the pandemic is nothing but temporary. In the coming years, many companies will eventually integrate partial or

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What You Should Know About Employment Laws

When you have been searching for a job for weeks already, and nothing has materialized yet, there is a chance that you will grab any opportunity to earn an income right away. Although this may bode well for your immediate financial needs, it is also likely that you are short-changing yourself with regards to your

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Four Budget Pointers When Working with a Lawyer

Working on a legal dilemma requires astuteness, strategy, and most important, money. Face it: working with a lawyer is not the same as buying candy from a store. That simply means that hiring an attorney does not come cheap. With their expertise and years of experience, it only follows that they can charge. But that

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