A Basic Guide to Bailing Your Loved One Out of Jail

Getting a loved one out of jail is an unsettling experience. Hearing that your family member got arrested can put anyone out of their wits. It can even make matters worse if you can’t bail your loved one out and you’re unfamiliar with bail bonds in Salt Lake County Metro Jail and its process. But what can you do? Should you call bail bondsmen up immediately?

How a Bail Is Set

Bail is a fast way to get someone out of jail. It’s either cash, property or a bond that an arrested person gives to a court to ensure that he’ll appear the moment that the court summons him. Judges are the ones who decide on the amount of bail. Since it’s normal for any person to get out of jail ASAP, most prisons have official bail schedules that specify the amounts for specific crimes.

Facts About Bail Bonds

gavel and moneyFact #1: Bail bonds act as loans.

Law enforcers immediately put a person behind bars once he gets arrested. Then, they’ll have to wait until the bail hearing, so they’ll know the bail amount. When you call a bail bondsman, the agent pays the money to the court on your behalf so that the defendant can get out of jail. However, like any other typical loan, a bail bond has a non-refundable fee that can’t exceed 15% of the entire total bond value.

Fact #2: Bails have conditions.

The law requires bailed-out defendants to comply with “conditions of release.” It means that if the court finds that the defendant violated any of the condition, the judge may revoke the bail and order him to get re-arrested and sent back to jail. One of the most common bail conditions as a requirement is for the suspect to obey all laws.

Fact #3: You may not need to have a bail bond entirely.

Not all cases will require you to have a bail bond. If you have enough funds, then you can pay the bail amount yourself. Doing so will help you save money if the defendant attends all their court dates. Moreover, it’s also possible to use other physical assets as collateral. It should include stocks, bank accounts and real estate.

Fact #4: The states set bail bond fees.

You don’t have to bargain to get the least amount for the bail bond fee. The state licenses and regulates all bail bonds offices to ensure that the costs for all bail bonds follow the same regulations. The only thing that you need to consider when choosing a bail bond representative is whether they’re experienced and licensed.

Getting someone out of jail is stressful enough. So, try to work with someone whom you feel comfortable with so you can get all the help that you need.

It’s not easy to get someone out of jail. So, if you’re trying to help your loved one or you have any questions about the bail, ask help from an experienced defense lawyer in your area. He’ll be able to help arrange your loved one’s release and even advise on the things that the defendant needs to do to prove his innocence.

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