Know Your Rights as a Husband if Your Marriage Is Going Haywire

It’s never easy to fix something for which you’ve worked hard. That includes a relationship that you’ve built in trust and affection. But what happens when your relationship is on the brink of getting damaged?

There are many legal tips you can find online about things that you can do if you’re in a failing marriage. These guides are handy, especially for women. These tips are usually dedicated to those who are navigating the legal aspects of their agonizing relationships. It’s not surprising since a study reveals that women are more likely to initiate divorce than men.

But if you are on the other side of the spectrum, how will you handle the legal aspect of the harrowing marriage? What are your rights and when to exercise them? Check out this guide to know more.


You can sue the third party with whom your spouse cheated. However, this will depend on the state where you live. You have two options for legal action: a criminal conversation and alienation of affection. In criminal conversation, strong proof of your partner’s sexual activities with a third party is needed. You can usually obtain evidence in photographs or video recordings.

Meanwhile, alienation of affection deals primarily with emotional distress. You can sue a defendant if you think that this third party is truly responsible for your partner’s loss of affection toward you. This doesn’t need any evidence of sexual activities. In conclusion, if you happen to live in states where either legal action is honored, you can exercise your right to sue the third party.

Legal Separation

Husbands might find themselves at the receiving end of the blame if a relationship isn’t working. This is why it’s going to be hard for husbands to deal with a legal separation. Husbands in heterosexual relationships might also fear that most things that need settling can end up favoring their partners. These are just some things to consider before making your separation legal.

The good thing is you can hire divorce attorneys who specialize in men’s rights in a marriage. These experts can help you explore your options as a husband in a failing marriage. You might want to work with them to assure yourself of fair treatment on things involving a legal separation. Work with experts that specialize in your situation so you can make sure that everything stays in your favor.

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Children’s Custody

This part is one of the hardest to deal with. Most of the time, the justice system regards mothers as the more appropriate guardians for children. Husbands contesting their rights for child custody isn’t new. But cultural impacts have tarnished this custom. That’s why some people still find it a little unconventional. However, this prejudice should not stop you from exercising your right.

If you know that you are more capable of taking care of your kids, you need to insist on that right. Legally obtaining your children’s custody can be challenging, especially for husbands. This is why you have to gather proof to show your capability of taking care of your children. Be sincere with your intentions and make sure that you can take a solo-parent role after the ordeal.

Child Support

Taking care of your kids as a solo parent can be a little costly. You can find yourself juggling between two jobs to make ends meet. It’s not going to be the same anymore. You are going to be the only one generating income in the family.

For this reason, you should seek sufficient child support from your former partner. It doesn’t matter if you are the husband. It’s appropriate to get proper financial support for the children of whom you’re taking good care. The other parent should be obligated to pay a monthly stipend despite leaving the children to their father.

Don’t hesitate to request an amendment in the deal if any child support adjustments are needed. If expenses are adding up to support your children, don’t be ashamed of asking for more. Your children deserve enough support, and both parents should be able to provide that.


Your separation from your partner will eventually lead to the ceasing of sharing conjugal properties. The time will come that you and your former partner will have to work on what goes to you and what goes to them. This stage is crucial for you and your children too. It can determine your capability of taking care of your children.

Getting your rights for your properties, such as your house and car, can give you leverage on obtaining custody of your kids. Another thing to consider is your contribution to getting these properties. If you know you contributed more to get them, you should fight for your right to possess them.

Don’t think twice about insisting on your rights as a husband. Your rights are as important as your partner’s. The justice system should provide you with fair treatment as long as you know how to express the need for it.

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