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In this YouTube video, Greg Euros sheds light on the critical aspects to anticipate when working with a process server. Communication emerges as a cornerstone, with Euros stressing the significance of responsiveness from servers and the need for clear communication. While expecting prompt responses is reasonable, Euros also highlights the impracticality of expecting servers to be available 24/7.

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Providing comprehensive and accurate information is deemed essential for a successful serve. Euros emphasizes the two-way nature of communication, suggesting that clients must furnish all necessary details to facilitate an effective service. Addressing potential challenges upfront, Euros recommends clarifying the number of attempts a server will make within the quoted price and establishing a procedure for handling potential address changes.

Euros delves into the critical area of paperwork, advising clients to inquire about a server’s efficiency in filing an affidavit of service. He warns about potential delays if a server serves papers promptly but takes an extended time to return the affidavit. To streamline the process and avoid surprises, Euros encourages clients to establish clear policies regarding the expected timeframe for receiving the affidavit.

For those seeking assistance with process serving matters, Euros generously provides his contact information, ensuring accessibility and transparency in his services. Overall, the video serves as a comprehensive guide for prospective clients, offering valuable insights into the expectations and considerations when engaging a process server like Greg Euros.

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