How Settlement is Calculated By Personal Injury Lawyers

When you have suffered a serious injury, it’s important to get the compensation you deserve. Understanding how a settlement is calculated by personal injury lawyers can help you know what to expect. We learn in the video that there are two types of pain and suffering.

The first is physical pain and suffering. This includes the pain you are experiencing, and physical limitations that you are expected to have now and in the future. The second type is emotional and psychological trauma. This can include depression, PTSD, and loss of intimacy due to physical injuries.

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Pain and suffering are divided into current pain and suffering, and future pain and suffering. Your current pain and suffering will have an endpoint. This may be when you are expected to recover physically from the event. Future pain and suffering can be more difficult to calculate and consider the long-term or life-long effects you will experience. You will need to be prepared to prove the pain and suffering you are experiencing.

You should be honest with your attorney about how you are feeling. It’s also a great idea to keep a journal. This can help you work through the challenges you are experiencing, and document the effects the accident or injury has had on your life.


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