Injured Truckers’ Options When Pursuing Compensation

On a daily basis, truck drivers are at great odds of getting into an accident due to the nature of their work. Trucks are bigger than most road vehicles and are often used to transport huge amounts of cargo. Add to that the fact that they have a high center of gravity, meaning that they have higher risks of rolling over compared to other motor vehicles. Knowing all these things, it is easy to see the dangers related to the profession.

A great majority of work-related injuries are due to road accidents and other hazards. Other injuries arise as a result of long hours of sitting, repetitive motion, and cargo management. Most trucker injuries will require medical expenses and absence from work, leaving the driver and their family financially incapacitated. Fortunately, truck drivers who sustain an injury while attending to their duties may pursue compensation. They may seek the help of truck labor attorneys in Washington. They have different options in pushing for their rights. Here are some of the legal options available to truckers:

Worker’s Compensation

As ordered by the state government of Washington, all employers within the state should provide their workers, including truck drivers, with compensation insurance. This takes truckers in a good position to file for a claim for certain types of injuries. The best thing about a worker’s compensation is that it is a form of no-fault insurance, meaning that a driver can pursue compensation despite negligence as long as the injury is sustained while they are on the job. The insurance company will shoulder the expenses that arise as a result of the injury.

Disability Claim

If the injury sustained by the trucker takes some time to heal, they can also file for a social security disability claim. Through its disability insurance, Social Security provides financial assistance to workers who experience an injury in the workplace. This is only applicable if the injury will keep the person from working for at least one year. While only a few claims turn out to be successful, a truck labor attorney may help you improve your odds of getting a successful claim.

Personal Injury Lawsuit

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An injured truck driver also has the option to file for personal injury. This legal action is done if the injury is due to another person or company’s negligence. A good example would be an accident due to a wrong or misplaced traffic sign. In this case, the trucker may file a lawsuit against the traffic or road management department.

A similar lawsuit can also be filed if the injury is a result of another driver’s negligence. In such a case, a personal injury lawsuit and a worker’s compensation claim can be filed at the same time. It is important to note, however, that the trucker should prove fault in the claim.

If you or your loved one who is a trucker winds up in difficult situations, it pays to know the best action to take to get a successful claim. A truck labor attorney can be of great help in such cases. They will help you realize your rights as a worker and explore options for the rightful compensation. This way, you can recuperate with the peace of mind that your finances and your family’s future remain unscratched.

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