Injury Cases: Pointers for Proving Emotional Distress

The recent rise in personal injury lawsuits has been caused by people’s appreciation of their rights. While commendable, there are also several con artists that have come up. The courts are thus vigilant to ensure that all claims for compensation are genuine. They will base their verdict on your proof of damages.

People with apparent physical injuries that can be easily proven will readily seek the services of an auto accident lawyer in Lynnwood for their compensation. Injuries either from car accidents, slips, and work-related mishaps are nonetheless not always physical. You can still suffer various levels of emotional anguish following a crash. Most people, in this case, will choose not to seek compensation for emotional distress since it is not as easy to prove with receipts and at times, a physical disability. A seasoned lawyer might, however, recommend the following methods to demonstrate the emotional impact you have suffered following an accident:

Medical Records

People suffer varying levels of emotional distress after an accident. Some of them have extreme issues that necessitate medical attention. These victims can use the receipts of their medical care as proof of their injuries along with their prescriptions. There are also instances when the courts can order a medical valuation to assess the extent of your injuries following an accident. The resultant assessment report will be used as proof for your case.

Evidence of Physical Harm

It might be relatively easy to prove your mental distress if you have some proof of bodily injury resulting from the same. Some of the physical signs of mental anguish include insomnia, gastrointestinal issues, headaches, cardiovascular diseases, and ulcers. Some people have also become addicted to alcohol or drugs after an accident. All these forms of physical proof can be used as evidence in your compensation case. You will need a healthcare provider to prove that they are related to the accident and would not have occurred otherwise.

Diary Entries and Letters

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Though a few people find it hard to talk to others about what they are going through emotionally, they have no trouble writing it down in journals and letters. These journal entries, along with the letters, can be used as proof of their mental anguish. They will also give the courts a timeline for the deterioration of a plaintiff’s mental health following an accident.

Testimonies from Loved Ones

Your loved ones will often pick any changes in your behaviors since they closely interact with you after an incident. Witness testimonies will significantly boost the credibility of your journal entries and letters. This is particularly so if your witnesses will corroborate the timelines of the incidences you record in your journal.

Do not ignore your case and forego compensation just because you have no physical injuries following an accident. With the above options, you can still get compensated for your mental anguish. There is no set avenue for the calculation of fair financial value for your emotional distress. The evidence you have will ascertain the severity of your injury and guide the settlement.

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