The Greatest Challenges After a Divorce is Finalized

Divorce can be a painful experience for everyone involved, but there seems to be a more significant challenge when it comes to single mothers. Here are the biggest issues that you need to consider if you’re facing the prospect.

There are few experiences more jarring and stressful than a divorce. In Long Island, there are many couples who look for help after what they consider as something that’s very traumatic. While the entire family gets affected by any divorce, it’s often single mothers that tend to suffer the worst. This is especially true when their children are still very young when it happens. Here are the biggest challenges that single mothers tend to face.


When the dust settles after the divorce, it’s just the beginning of a new journey. One needs to move on from the pain to move the family forward. This is easier said than, done, however, as old hurts and wounds can suddenly ache at any moment. This can adversely affect the day to day lives of single mothers because they need to focus on their lives with their children. It requires dependable shoulders to lean on to make it through.


It’s already quite a challenge being a parent under the most ideal and normal of circumstances, after a Long Island divorce, this already difficult task can be exacerbated to a significant degree. This is especially true when your child is mainly affected by the separation of their parents. It can add layers of worry that needs to be addressed and considered to ensure that thing go smoothly with the family unit.


The US Census Bureau has found that the household income of single mothers drops by a staggering 37% after a divorce has happened. This is usually tied to the fact that many family units depend on the father to sustain the family while mothers set to the task of taking care of things on the home front. It can be a tough time trying to balance a career with raising a child or children alone. Many single mothers opt for two shifts when it comes to working.


Because of the hectic nature of this work situation and the rigors that come with raising a family alone, it can be difficult for divorced single moms to start dating again—a critical component of moving on. Naturally, there are also trust issues that need to be considered especially if the divorce itself was very messy. Additionally, it can also be challenging to find prospects and maintain these relationships given the busy schedule.


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Surprisingly, a big challenge can also be the ex himself. While many husbands tend to move away when it’s over, there are some who are particularly obsessive and narcissistic enough to be a constant detrimental presence. This can add a layer of trauma and pain that divorced single moms cannot afford.

Dealing with all these problems after divorce begins with effectively dealing with the divorce itself. Hiring a competent legal team to help you navigate the challenges of a divorce is a first significant step. They can at least ensure that things flow smoothly and move towards your ultimate advantage after the dust has settled. Take time to assess and find the best team for the job to ensure that you survive with your head held high.

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