The Significance of Reporting Workplace Accidents

Unfortunately, accidents may happen at any time of the day, anywhere you may go, and whatever you are doing – even if the highest precautionary measures are undertaken. This is especially true for workplaces where employees do risky tasks which could greatly expose them to a potential danger which may result in injury.

Fortunately, you can file for a claim and other forms of compensations for injuries incurred at work. Hire a trusted law firm that specializes in cases such as workplace accidents here in Lincolnshire, UK to get the right compensation you are entitled.

Immediately Report the Accident

The first thing that you should do is to seek medical assistance when you met an accident. And when it happens inside your workplace, you should also make sure that the incident is reported to the management. Having someone to report the accident on your behalf is also good if you cannot physically attend to it. In this way, you have the full report of the accident.

Whether it’s a serious injury or not, you should always make sure to see a doctor or a medical practitioner. Aside from treating your injury, supporting the accident report with a medical record coming from a valid medical practitioner weighs better when included on the claim.

Get Paid While Healing

work injury

No work, no pay. But when you cannot go to work due to an injury that happened inside your workplace, you should still get paid. The law requires that an employee should get Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) for the time being that you cannot work because of your injury. You might even want to review your employment contract as you may be entitled with extra sick pay.

If the injury is so serious, you are entitled to claim for Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit among other related claims. Going this route may get complicated and tedious, but if you have the backing of an experienced law firm that handles such cases, the only thing you have to worry is getting better each day, physically.

Things about Filing a Claim

Did you know that there is an expiration to file for a claim? For instance, you should file an injury claim within three years although in some cases, the court may decide to extend the time limit under specific circumstances. Depending on the type of claims, it may have different time limits.

Some people worry about legal fees – don’t. Yes, taking legal action sounds expensive, but the expenses are typically taken from health insurance. Moreover, there is a so-called conditional fee agreement wherein they won’t take any fees if you lose your case. In case you win, your employer will pay the fees.


In addition to getting paid while recovering or file for claims, reporting your workplace accident can bring about positive measures. Think of it this way – your report can help keep your co-workers and even site visitors safe from future accidents.

Whether it is a minor accident or a major one, keeping the workplace and its workers safe is the job of the management. From fine-tuning the existing one to installing additional safety measures, a complete accident report can greatly contribute to the betterment of your workplace environment.

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