Tips for Boosting Your Chances of Getting a Fair Worker’s Compensation

Work-related injuries have significantly reduced in recent times thanks to the focus on workplace safety. There are however still a few isolated cases of work-related injuries reported annually. As such, all employers are legally required to get an insurance policy for their workers’ compensation.

This does not however automatically mean that you will get compensated if you are injured in your workplace. Without a work injury lawyer from Salt Lake City’s top firms, your pursuit of compensation will often be lengthy and futile.

Most people, in fact, give up on getting compensation or unfortunately pass on before receiving it. The following are some tips for boosting your chances of getting a fair work injury compensation amount.

1. Report your injury.

Immediately you are injured in your workplace, ensure you report it and have it documented by your supervisor in a ‘first report of injury’ form. This documentation and prompt reporting are among the key elements that determine whether or not you deserve compensation.

The U.S. has different time restrictions for the giving of a notice of your injury. There are however times when this injury is not immediately evident, but there are legal provisions for delayed injuries.

2. Consider consulting another doctor.

In most states, you are required to get treatment from a doctor who is selected by the insurance company. In these instances, there might arise a conflict of interest since the doctor will be paid by the insurer and might downplay your injury.

After getting the initial treatment from the insurer-chosen doctor, you can get a second opinion from another doctor. This way, you can access an unbiased opinion of the extent of your injuries. Some insurers will have a list of the approved medical centers and doctors from which you can get a second opinion.

statement of personal injury

3. Beware of private investigators.

Most insurers hire investigators to follow you around after your injury and ascertain your claim, and you should be careful how you act in public. If for instance there is surveillance footage showing you playing football yet you want compensation for a leg fracture, your claim might be canceled. It is also advisable to avoid discussing your injuries on social media pages since the post can be misinterpreted.

4. Keep all your appointments.

There are different types of legal meetings before your compensation is set and paid. These include depositions, conferences, and mediations.

Ensure you attend these meetings unless your attorney advises that they are allowed to represent you at the meetings. If you have a sincere reason for missing the appointments, notify your state and the insurer beforehand, so you come across as a genuine claimant.

It is hard to understand what you are entitled to in your worker’s compensation after an injury. Most insurers will exploit your ignorance to offer you an amount far below what your case is worth. To guarantee this does not happen to you, get a work injury lawyer to handle your case.

With the guidelines above and the best attorney, you are assured of a fair settlement for your work-related injury. Fortunately, legal representation of work injuries is inexpensive.

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