Tips to Manage the Disruption That Divorce Brings into Your Life

Divorce rates across Washington State are declining, even here in King County – ranked highest in the state in the latest DOH figures. However, this will be no comfort to you if you’re already going through the dissolution of your marriage. Instead, as your family attorney in Everett sorts out preparations for the proceedings, you need to focus on minimizing the disruption and negativity which this process will bring into your life; here are some things you can do.

Be there for your children

Going through a divorce can be a stressful experience for any adult, but if there are kids involved, they are the ones who could end up feeling the negative effects most deeply, both in the short- and long-term. While there can be many different reasons underlying a divorce, seeing to it that your children receive as much support as possible should be a priority for both parents. Minimize their exposure to hostile conflict, and see to it that both you and your ex-partner remain effective parents in a loving relationship with the kids.

See to your needs

Family conflict can make anyone emotional, and divorce can bring on an overwhelming response. Your feelings could change a lot – while this is to be expected and will lessen over time, you may not be in your best state for a while. Sometimes, work can be a welcome distraction, but don’t overdo it. Give yourself time and acknowledge your emotional needs. Don’t make big decisions; try to map out your thoughts first, revisit and revise them later. Make sure you stay healthy – eat properly, and keep up your physical exercise routine.

Talk with someone

couple fightReducing the disruption of a divorce in your life isn’t something you can do single-handedly. Having someone to talk to will help you sort things through and slowly begin processing the whole experience. Whether you talk to your therapist, a support group, a close friend or family member, what matters is that you can be open and honest with them, and they are prepared to listen without judgment truly.

Spend time with others

A divorce can have a profound negative impact on your social life. Unfortunately, some people might take sides; you could lose contact with friends and family. Even professional relationships may be affected; your colleagues may not want to hang out with someone who’s under so much stress. Make an effort to reach out to your closest friends or relatives; spend time with people who value you and bring a positive influence into your life. This will help you avoid loneliness, depression, and possible health issues or substance abuse which can result from becoming withdrawn from social activity.

Make new connections

Sometimes you don’t want things to become all about you and what you’re going through, but you can often feel that people around you are overly sensitive. Having fun and not being constantly reminded of your divorce is necessary to moving forward, so try making new connections. Volunteer for outreach programs in King County, or get into a new hobby or sport; this will help you have normal interactions with fresh faces and people.

Everyone who goes through a divorce will handle things in their way and time. There’s no exact path to getting over this ordeal easily and moving on, but if you can take measures to avoid the worst pitfalls, you’ll eventually manage to heal and pull through.

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