Top Facts About Bail Bonds You Need to Know

Individuals who are getting bail bonds in Summit County and other locations should know certain things about it so they could enjoy its benefits and avoid certain pitfalls. A bail bond allows an accused to be temporarily released from jail so he or she can live a normal life while the case is being heard at a local or federal court.

Without the necessary knowledge, you won’t succeed in posting bail for a relative, friend, or acquaintance. Worse, you could get scammed by a cunning bail bonds agent if you’re unaware of how the system works.

Here are five facts about bail bonds that you have to know:

Bond fees are regulated by the state

Do not believe a bondsman who tells you that you have to pay a higher fee than what is stated by the court. The truth is that bond fees are strictly regulated by states because they don’t want unsuspecting individuals to get scammed by enterprising bail bond companies.

What this means is that you shouldn’t be left negotiating a bargain for the bail bond just because the bondsman says that the fees are so and so. The bond company may charge a certain fee for facilitating the bail but such fees are still subject to state-enforced regulations.

Bail bonds have certain benefits on the part of the accused

People who get accused of a crime strive to post bail the soonest time possible because they don’t want to spend a single day inside the lockup. Additionally, bail bonds offer other benefits such as being able to continue working while the case undergoes the judicial process, spending time with loved ones and friends as the case is heard, and having time to work on the defense of the case or taking care of personal matters just in case one ends up getting a guilty verdict.

Bail bond companies accept various items as collateral

A bail bond company that will pay for one’s bail will accept different things as a form of collateral. Among others, the bondsman may accept real estate properties, vehicles, jewelry items, stock certificates, or credit cards. Such collaterals give the bond companies a form of assurance that they will get their investments back should you default on your repayment plan.

A bondsman is the easiest source of money to secure bail

Bail bond companies employ bail bondsmen or bail bond agents to assist individuals who need quick cash to settle a loved one’s bail. As such, a bondsman can be your best ally to quickly secure bail for someone you know, either a relative, colleague, or friend. The usual fee that you have to pay to the bondsman is 10% of the total bail amount.

The bond fees are returned after the case has been closed

court room

The amount that you will pay as bail will be returned to you once all the legal proceedings have been satisfied. However, take note that the time from when the case has been declared close and the bail fees are returned is not fixed. Meaning, you may get the bond fees a month after, two months, or half a year – all depending on how quickly the courts process existing cases in which bail is involved.

With these facts, you should be better informed about bail. With your informed decision, you can navigate through the process better and avoid making mistakes.

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