What Raising New York Teens Will Be Like in 2020

New York City is a concrete jungle where dreams are made. It seems that everyone wants to get into the Big Apple. But for its glitz and attractions, the city can also be a tumultuous landscape for a growing person in this modern age.

From the 2010s onwards, a trend shows teens in New York suffering worse conditions in their mental health state. The American Psychological Association releases new numbers every year that show how disturbing things can get when neglected. All hope is not lost, though. As a new decade dawn upon us, how can we improve the lives of the youth?

Connecting A to Z

With today’s landscape, it is an entirely different experience for the current generation of teenagers than their predecessors had. Even though it may feel like there are a growing disconnect and a rising animosity between generations via memes and cultural anecdotes, there are still connecting threads that can help the older residents relate to the younger ones.

Nature and nurture are significant factors that work hand in hand in their development. It all boils down to how we can foster a positive environment for Generation Z to thrive even in the face of adversity. There are, after all, stark debates on how millennials were allegedly sugarcoated too much and may pass on this perceived ‘oversensitivity’ to the next generation.

That calls for healthier ways of dealing with trauma. For instance, in surrounding areas like Suffolk county, the presence of a divorce lawyer can help with marital separation as an issue. Even though the marriage is severed, the parents can still focus on creating a familial environment for their kids when professionals are efficiently overseeing the legalities.

However, one of the most significant stresses that are unique to this new crop of kids is the advent of social media. It has created a more disconnected sense of socialization and promotes unhealthy messages and images that cause teens to feel ironically more self-conscious and alone.

But thankfully, kids are learning to adapt to these new hazards and turn them into platforms of power. It only falls on those of us who shelter them to help them grow with it.

The Kids of the Future

the kids of the future

It all begins with validating the generation and allowing them to feel self-empowered during a time in their lives when it counts to be reinforced.

More New Yorkers in the demographics are becoming involved and aware of community issues, pushing change forward with movements and messaging. Statistics show that more school-age teens are finishing high school and prioritizing their futures and self-care. Even rampant issues like sex education and intrinsic prejudices are being tackled more openly now, leading to a new generation that may be better equipped and consciously so.

So, what does it take to raise a Gen Z-er in 2020? It’s about recognizing the things that have changed and the things that remain true, no matter what era you’re from. If the science proves anything, it’s about handing the gauntlet over and letting kids know they are more than a letter and a statistic.

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