What to Watch Out for With a Disability Lawyer

Receiving an approval message for social security disability is never that easy. But, according to the video, the least you want is being barred by an incompetent disability lawyer. Here’s what a disability lawyer should never do:

1. Amending the medical opinion of the doctor

The Social Security Administration assesses your medical documents with scrutiny. So, your disability attorney should not try to alter your doctor’s opinion of your health, claiming that it will boost your chances of receiving approval for disability benefits.

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Otherwise, your application will be rejected.

2. Lack of communication

There should be constant communication from your disability attorney from the onset to the approval of your SSA application. But if the lawyer goes beyond two weeks after hiring them without calls, responding to your emails, etc, they will not be of much help.

3. Always going the client’s way

A disability lawyer should know the red and green lines of their operations. So, they should not submit to the client’s way of working even when they see them crossing the red line. Instead, they should analyze their clients’ demands and advise accordingly.

4. They don’t plan for a denial if it occurs

A good disability lawyer will always have a game plan in case a denial occurs. Many lawyers will leave the client after the denial. However, a competent lawyer will advise what steps to follow afterward and whether they have a chance to apply later.

5. They share personal information with your insurance provider

Hiring an attorney referred by your insurance provider will give them the leeway to share your information. This should never happen unless you allow the attorney.

Final remarks

Good disability benefits lawyers will be devoted to ensuring you get disability benefits without much hassle. Their experience should chart out your path to a successful, smooth application.


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